GoMage is glad to invite an experienced Project Manager
who knows the ins and outs of Magento to work
with large eCommerce clients.
Magento 2 Project Manager
GoMage invites an experienced Project Manager who is ready to lead large eCommerce websites.
Who's the Ideal Candidate?
Who's the Ideal Candidate?
Job Requirements:
  • 3+ Years experience as a Project Manager
  • Master of the Magento admin panel
  • Lover of Agile methodologies
  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Attention to detail, "healthy perfectionism
What Will Be Your Missions?
Drive eCommerce Growth
You will be bringing to life innovative ideas of our clients, run constant communication with them and take responsibility for every project.
Build Your "Dream Team"
One of your core tasks will be building a strong team. So you will participate in the interviewing process and get to choose who works on your project.
Grow Your Expertise
Each of our Project Managers has a dedicated self-development plan, including certifications that we'd encourage you to pass at the company's expense.
What Tasks Will You Do?
Coordinate projects
You will collect and prioritize project requirements, manage timing and quality delivery of tasks.
Manage risks
You will manage risks and change requests by careful project planning and workload estimations.
Keep order
Documenting necessary project information will help you keep structure and order on your projects.
Maintain workloads
You are an integral part of your team's success, so maintaining and coordinating their workload is one of your priorities.
What You Get at GoMage?
Remote Work
You can work from any place in the world as long you have an internet connection.
Corporate Education
You can develop your skills, pass trainings and English courses all at the company's expense.
Flexible Hours
You can start working at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 or any other time that suites you.
Holiday Presents
We send out birthday gifts and New Year presents to employees and their kids.
25 Days Off
You can take 20 vacation days, call 5 sick leaves per year with no questions asked.
COVID-19 Support
Our company provides financial support in case of Covid or any other kind of serious illness.
Don't think you're a good fit? Send us your CV anyway – we will inform you when we have a position relevant to your skills.
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Let's work together!
🔸 How much will I get paid?
The salary depends on your skills and experience. But the desired amount is usually no less than what candidates expect.
🔸 What is the role of a PM at your company?
Project Managers are not mere executors, but the decision-makers ready to take ownership of the project and drive its success. Our PMs are actively involved in clients' and company processes: participate in job interviews of new developers (to scan their soft skills), decide on the project methodology, help with the self-development plans for their teammates, and much more.
    🔸 What is the usual project size?
    Our clients are medium to enterprise-level eCommerce companies located in different countries, industries and time zones. You will be working with large marketplaces, wholesale stores, crowdfunding platforms and big retail brands.
      🔸 What methodology do you use?
      As a PM you define the best Agile methodology that fits your project. We do not build processes just for the sake of processes. Each project requires a tailored approach and you choose the methodology depending on the specs and requirements.
      🔸How many projects does a PM handle at once?
      1-3 depending on the size and complexity of the projects, but there can be more if a Project Manager plays the role of a Program Manager having several projects of one account.
      🔸 How can I develop as a PM at your company?
      Each of our Project Managers has a dedicated self-development plan, including certifications and courses they complete at the company's expense. For example, our PMs pass Adobe Certification exams and constantly improve their project management skills by taking various online courses. The short-term development plan is defined starting from the trial period, and a long-term plan is set up for every PM after they successfully pass it.

      We pride ourselves on growing true team and company leaders since a PM is actively engaged in each project. You will grow your expertise and will be joyful at adding GoMage clients to your portfolio.
      🔸 How would you describe your team atmosphere?
      GoMage is a friendly cohort of people who help each other and provide personal support whenever needed. We have a close-knit atmosphere in our Slack chats where we don't limit ourselves to "work-only" conversations.

      For example, we have separate Slack channels where we discuss books, exchange vacation photos, share cute pictures of our pets and send funny memes, of course!

      We think you will like it here :)
      🔸 What is the inteview process like?
      It cosnsists of three stages:
      1. One of our HR specialists will run a short introductory call.
      2. Full interview with an expert in your area of expertise.
      3. A final call with higher-level executives to check your soft skills.