GoMage is glad to invite a talented Magento
Developer who wants to drive innovation
in the field of eCommerce.

(Middle / Senior)
GoMage invites an experienced Backend Developer who wants to
drive innovations in eCommerce.
Magento 2
PWA Developer
Who's the Ideal Candidate?
Who's the Ideal Candidate?
Job Requirements:
  • 2+ years of Magento 2 experience
  • Expertise in GraphQL and REST API
  • Knowledge of OOP, SOLID, design patterns
  • Good command of Git, MySQL & Unix based systems
What Will Be Your Tasks?
GoMage PWA Storefront
You will be one of the first pioneers in the development of PWA technology.
Third-Party Integrations
You will build (from scratch) complex integrations of third-party services with our PWA solution.
REST API Developments
You will work following the best practices of application architecture and headless CMS.
What Will Be a Plus?
Magento Certifications
We pay special attention to candidates who've passed Adobe certifications before.
Magento PWA Studio Experience
Our product is based on Magento PWA Studio, and your understanding of it will be a huge plus.
Knowledge of Advanced Stack
Your previous experience with HAProxy, Varnish, and Redis would help you in this position.
Understanding of TDD
Test-driven development is among the best practicies our team strives to work with.
What You Get at GoMage?
Remote Work
You can work from any place in the world as long you have an internet connection.
Corporate Education
You can develop your skills, pass trainings and English courses all at the company's expense.
Flexible Hours
You can start working at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 or any other time that suites you.
Holiday Presents
We send out birthday gifts and New Year presents to employees and their kids.
25 Days Off
You can take 20 vacation days, call 5 sick leaves per year with no questions asked.
COVID-19 Support
Our company provides financial support in case of Covid or any other kind of serious illness.
Don't think you're a good fit? Send us your CV anyway – we will inform you when we have a position relevant to your skills.
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Let's work together!
🔸 How much will I get paid?
The salary depends on your skills and experience. But the desired amount is usually no less than what candidates expect.
🔸 What is the inteview process like?
It cosnsists of three stages:
  1. One of our HR specialists will run a short introductory call.
  2. Full interview with an expert in your area of expertise.
  3. A final call with higher-level executives to check your soft skills.
🔸 What is so special about the GoMage PWA Storefront?
At GoMage, we are building a plug-and-play solution based on Magento PWA Studio (which, in turn, is based on Google PWA technology).

Our storefront is more advanced and consists of extra sales- and customer-centric features and integrations. The solution allows Magento store owners to achieve a seamless customer experience and take their business to the next level. We help our clients grow their online business, and we grow together with them.
🔸 What role does the PWA team play at GoMage?
At GoMage, we believe that PWA is the future of eCommerce. That is why PWA services & product development are a part of our long-term strategy. This means that as a part of the PWA team, you will contribute directly to the company's key strategic goals.
🔸 What is the size of the GoMage PWA team?
The GoMage PWA team is growing dynamically. Currently, the PWA division consists of 10 passionate and skilled teammates.
🔸 How is the work organized in the development department?
We have well-set workflows managed in Youtrack, with a set of statuses and clearly defined areas of responsibility. Our PMs send customer tasks to developers who estimate and send them back for review. When the estimation is approved, the developer starts working on the task. When it's done, the work is taken over by other teammates (code review, front-end, QA, etc.). If the task passes the review stage, the "Released" status is set.
🔸 Will I work on the product or clients' projects?
At GoMage, the PWA division team both works on clients' projects and develops our own product — GoMage PWA Storefront. You will be assigned to a specific project based on your skills and qualifications as well as your preferences.
🔸 What is the average size of a PWA project?
Our clients are mostly medium to large/enterprise-level eCommerce companies. We do PWA development and customization for wholesale, global online marketplaces, and large online retail stores. The scope of work of our average PWA projects is thousands of hours.
🔸 Should I do any front-end job?
Back-end Developers who work on PWA projects usually have knowledge of JavaScript. So, you might have tasks related to it. Speaking of React, it is not a must, but the willingness to master it will be a huge plus.
🔸 What about professional development?
Self-development plans and 1:1 mentorship spaces are a part of the GoMage work culture, and all learning opportunities (English courses, professional training, participation in dedicated webinars/conferences, etc.) are highly encouraged within the PWA division. Adobe certification is fully covered for Magento developers, and 4 hours of working time can be dedicated solely to learning every month.

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to learn the best case practices from experienced teammates who will also help you keep an eye on all the emerging trends and provide support whenever it is needed.